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February 27, 2012

e-ROM is a CyanogenMod rom that targets Turkcell T-20 Android phones. Turkcell T-20 is the rebranded version of the Huawei Sonic (u8650) model which e-ROM can be installed and used without any problems.

The main goals of the e-ROM are:

  • To be an empty rom means, there are no pre-installed applications rather than main Android applications.
  • To give independent control, the user can choose his/her own applications without shipping them with the rom.
  • To not have a Carrier IQ installed.
  • To be fast, agile, and doesn’t keep more space in the phone’s memory.

The characteristics of the e-ROM are:

  • CyanogenMod 7.1
  • Android 2.3.7
  • FM Radio
  • Overclock (122Mhz – 710Mhz)
  • Zeam Launcher

Internet Archive Wayback Machine URL

Download (81.06MB)

Screenshots of the e-ROM

Benchmark scores of the e-ROM