Life Doesn’t Suck

Life doesn’t suck. We have created so many layers for us in life that made everything harder, stressful, disappointing and sad. We made our lives miserable.

All the pain that we suffer is the pain of creating these layers and being regretful afterward.

And we started to blame each other for these layers. We started to complain from our comfort zones. Because it was easy, and we were safe there. But our comfort zone was an illusion that we didn’t realize either.

It was easy to not take any responsibility for the layers that we created. It was easy to fingerprint at someone rather than be empathic to them. Also, we often mistake the meaning of empathy for sympathy. However, sympathy was the mother of all evils. And it sneakily poisoned us.

Life doesn’t suck. But we suck! Now, we are living in a world with thousands of layers we are not able to revert back. Thousands of regrets without taking any action on them. Thousands of guilts without any apology…

When the world was created, there were no layers on it. And it is still in our hands to revert it back to its original. The sooner we acknowledge it, the earlier we can start working on it.

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