Mentoring To Create Your Seabed

I strongly believe that everyone is carrying the Garden of Eden inside themselves. That’s where love, happiness, tranquility, connection, and joy are. Unfortunately, this paradise is a small island in the middle of the ocean where we have to swim every day. This ocean’s surface is wavy, and the bottom of it is full of scary monsters with special perks that are very valuable to us. But in order to win a perk, we have to defeat these monsters one by one. Yet, earning a perk is hard because these monsters are advantageous to us as they know the terrain very well. And it is the terrain that matters.

Furthermore, due to the wavy surface, swimming is very tiring no matter how much stamina we think we have. And sadly, sinking to the bottom to refill our stamina or even drowning due to excessive tiredness is unavoidable. When you look from the dark side, you have to face these monsters. When you look from the bright side, there is a good chance of winning a perk from them. Yet, and, as always, salvation comes with a cost. But there is a good chance of costing you little.

When I drowned or sank and found myself at the bottom of my ocean, I didn’t have any light or a map to find my way around. I felt the seabed was either too muddy or too stony which made it impossible to stand still or gave me a fair chance to fight the monsters which were surrounding me. I was either totally lost until the time accepted the defeat or I immediately escaped from them and reached the surface without refilling my stamina. As you guessed, I’ve never reached my Garden of Eden without stamina or some additional perks along the way.

However, I learned some valuable lessons over time that came with bonus perks and reduced the cost for me. The first one, when you reach the bottom of the ocean and meet your monsters, you don’t want a muddy seabed. Your legs will be pulled more by the mud like it is going to engulf you. It could be scary, depress you more and you will lose the fight. This is not something you want because it will make you surrender, and it will be very challenging and time-consuming to reach the surface afterward.

The second one, you also don’t want a very stony seabed either. Because it will hurt your feet as you need to stand still when you face your monsters. The pain will increase until you cannot handle it anymore. And that will make you flee and reach the surface without having a fight with your monsters. You don’t want this because you will neither refill your stamina nor earn a perk.

The last and most important one, you need a mentor when you are at the bottom of your ocean. A mentor that will guide you to find a good seabed that you can stand still which will give you an equal opportunity to fight with your monsters. A mentor that will help you to refill your stamina in order to reach the surface of your ocean and to your paradise island. A mentor that can shed light on your path, help you to create your own seabed whenever you are at the bottom, and teach you how to strategize using your stamina in a fight.

I have never had a mentor for very long years, and even swimming became challenging to me over time. I knew my paradise island was somewhere near but, I didn’t have the stamina or perks to continue. Sinking and drowning consumed me a lot and made me blind even though the universe was sending some clues to me. And I paid very high prices. Nevertheless, I learned the first two lessons by myself. However, it didn’t teach me how to create my seabed or how to use my stamina well.

Luckily, I have great mentors in my life who made my journey costs low now. And I am very grateful to them. I am more and more alive to the terrain, and very effective when it comes to my stamina. I gained so many perks that became a light for my journey. While I am not good at sharing a sentence punchline or a divine closure, I urge you to find a mentor who will help you by sharing their experience or tips and tricks which will reduce the price you will pay. And in the end, who will also turn you into a mentor for others.

PS: I am not a good mentor, yet. Please don’t ask me.
PS: A perk is unique to a person. You know what it is when you have it.
PS: I am not trying to be mysterious. I really mean it.

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